Kaleigh is a junior pursuing concurrent degrees in Marketing and Management with a minor in Digital Culture. In addition to her President role for AMA, Kaleigh is a Copywriter for AdWorks, the Social Media Correspondent for the W. P. Carey School of Business, and a Floor Manager at ASU Gammage.


Other campus involvement has included teaching WPC 101, serving as a Fleischer Summer Scholars Mentor, and facilitating Camp Carey. She just recently got back from Prague, where she studied abroad. Fun fact: she can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 3 minutes.

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Kaleigh Feuerstein



Alexandra is a sophomore studying marketing with a minor in construction management. In addition to her participation in AMA, she is also involved in the social sorority Sigma Kappa. She is a Peer Advisor for W.P. Carey and a WPC 101 Facilitator this Fall.


When she's not doing school activities, I enjoy traveling, working out, going to the beach and hanging out with friends! 

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Alexandra O'Brian

Vice President of Partnerships


Matthew Jurenka is a developer,  music enthusiast, and human being studying Computer Science as a Sophomore.


As Vice President of Conference he coordinates ASU’s attendance at International Collegiate Conference 2021 and designs the website, among other things.


Outside of AMA, he works as a full stack developer at SolarSPELL, is involved with Alpha Kappa Psi, and enjoys rock climbing in his free time.

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Matthew Jurenka

Vice President of Conference

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Andreya is a sophomore currently majoring in Marketing, with a certificate in Business Data Analytics. Off-campus, she works as a Marketing and Communications Intern for the Herberger Theater Center, with the long-term goal of working in non-profit marketing.


When not studying, Andreya enjoys baking, crafting, hanging out with her friends, and watching theatre shows.

Adrian Lauderdale

Vice President

Executive Board


Adrian is a junior studying Marketing here at Arizona State University. Along with being the Executive Vice President for AMA, he is an Account Manager for AdWorks, a LinkedIn Campus Editor, and an Influencer Relationship Coordinator for August United. His career goal is to work for LinkedIn as an Account Manager.

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Fitz is a junior pursuing concurrent degrees Entrepreneurship and Marketing with an honors certificate in Consulting.


He is also the VP of Marketing for ASU's Music Industry Club. He has worked as a marketing intern with 80/20 Records and CO+HOOTS.


Outside of school he has a career as an alt-pop musician—Fitz Leland.

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Fitz Laurie

Vice President of Marketing

Nate Chung

Vice President of Sponsorships

Alexis Pumel

Vice President of Finance

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Damijah is a sophomore studying Marketing at Arizona State University. He serves as the Executive Vice President of Adiminstration for AMA.


Damijah is also President for the Hassyampa Acadamic Village Residential Council and member of the W.P. Carey Deans Advisory Council, Next Generation Service Corps. Damijah takes pride in learning and continually challenging himself.

Damijah Carter

Vice President of Administration


Evan is a sophomore from Michigan. He is pursing a degree in Marketing and a certificate in Applied Business Data Analytics.


In addition to his involvement in AMA, he will be serving as an E-Board Member for ASU's Pro Sales Club. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, biking, spending time with friends, and playing sports.

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Evan Tondera

Vice President of Social Impact


Andreya Kelley

Vice President of Social Impact

Dr John Eaton



We are grateful to have such an experienced and resourceful professor as our chapter advisor! Dr Eaton focuses on letting students lead, while serving as an invaluable coach and mentor for those who seek it.

Dr Eaton has taught at ASU since 2006, and consistently wins awards that reflect his dedication to students, most recently the Huizingh Outstanding Service to Students award.


Alexis is a junior in Barrett pursuing dual degrees in business data analytics and marketing.

She is AMA’s former VP of Marketing and is involved with global ambassadors and Leader’s Academy.

Off campus, she works as the treasurer and financial director of a Phoenix City Council Campaign and a a barista at Starbucks.

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