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A Week in the Life: New York City Social Capital Tour

The Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps. The Melting Pot.

This past week, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to New York City with 9 other W. P. Carey students in pursuit of informational interviews with professionals in our industry.

Being that I'm a Marketing student hoping to work in the Broadway industry one day, this experience could not have been more perfect. New York, the marketing capital of the world and major hub for entertainment, has been a place I've had in the back of my mind for quite some time now. When I first had the opportunity to visit ~4 years ago for a theatre program, I fell in love with the hustle and bustle, the bright lights, and the diversity that created such a dynamic, cultured environment.

I was fortunate to set up a total of five interviews during my stay with a variety of Marketing and Management related positions in the Broadway industry. The individuals I met with were so kind, welcoming, and encouraging, providing me with a wealth of knowledge to help me succeed in college and thereafter.

I asked questions about each of their paths to where they are now, what a day in their life looks like, and what I can do to one day get there. Seemingly standard questions sparked a myriad of interesting conversations surrounding the industry and life in the city. I left each interview feeling inspired; I felt as though I can achieve anything just by further building my network, displaying my confidence and love for Broadway in everything I do, and building my personal brand.

Of course, no New York Trip would be complete without a bit of fun! During my free time, I visited Brooklyn, took the Staten Island Ferry to see Lady Liberty, walked through Central Park, saw Wall Street, the MET, and Radio City, sat in on a live filming of The View, shopped, saw a show, ate bagels and pizza galore, and took home some VERY interesting Subway stories. While I was only in the city a few days, I managed to fit in all of the activities I had hoped to (and so, so much more).

Recapping on this week: I feel like I came back a completely new person. Experiencing the city independently left me with a newfound sense of self-confidence and power. I can truly picture myself living there, doing what I love with a community that is like no other.

More importantly, I met some incredible people and have started to mold my network to better connect with people in my industry. I'm truly looking forward to setting up calls or meetings with more professionals in the field whom I've connected with during this process and soaking in all of the knowledge they have to offer.

The marketing world is changing, and Broadway is finding new ways to adapt and appeal to a large audience each day-- which is exciting for a young professional like me.

New York, I can't wait to see you again (and hopefully that's pretty soon).


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