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Dissecting my First LinkedIn Presentation

Do you ever envision yourself accomplishing a goal in mind, knowing that if you don't achieve it, regret will instantly poison your body? Well...this was my exact state of mind about two months ago.

As January 1st struck and my goals persistently knocked on my brain like a negligent kid would knock on the glass of a zoo exhibit, attempting to wake a lion at rest, I knew that I had to do everything I could to avoid those foreseen goals from never manifesting into reality. One of those goals was to deliver at least one presentation on how to leverage LinkedIn as a student in front of a small group of my peers. I even wrote it down with TWO exclamation points in my notes. That's when you know it must be attained:

The Proposal

Fast forward to the end of January, I was sitting in one of my business classes, rapidly tapping my foot against the ground knowing that this is the perfect time for me to talk with my professor about helping me find a speaking opportunity at my school. I was anxious. I was fearful. And I was hesitant.

When class ended, I built up the courage to ask my professor. She responded with, "how would you like to give the presentation in front of our class?" I impulsively said yes. This was an opportunity I knew I could not pass up. This was an opportunity that was far greater than myself. But the crazy part hasn't even been brought up yet. Continue reading and you'll see what I mean.

The Preparation

As time pressed on and my procrastination followed, I scrambled to start and complete the presentation the weekend before my "big moment." Somehow, I managed to finish it and rehearse it a few times. I knew the outline of what I was going to say, but I wanted my passion to speak for itself.

Finally, the day had come and I ate a bowl of fear with a glass of excitement for breakfast to make the mental digestion process a little easier. Throughout the whole day, the only thing lingering on my mind was the presentation. I envisioned my speech as if I had delivered it a thousand times already. What helped me enhance my confidence was understanding how much of an impact this might make on my peers, as well as on my professional career. Once I opened that classroom door and walked in, it was showtime baby.

The Presentation

After my professor briefly introduced me to the class, I turned my mic on and gave the best damn presentation I had ever given. My body became inundated with passion and my body language felt like that of Tony Robbins'--confident and relaxed.

This classroom wasn't just an ordinary classroom either. It was a lecture hall filled with over 200 students. Now that's the crazy part. I had never delivered a presentation in front of this many students in my entire life. Now, I'm proud to say that this moment will live on with me forever. That's special. I cannot wait to book more speaking gigs in the future in hopes to inspire my generation to take better control of their lives.

My General Advice

Develop the courage and take a leap out of your comfort zone. Real opportunities lie on the side you can't always see until you take that leap. Let your passion pave your way and you'll begin to notice doors open for you. It never hurts to ask so just do it. This is your life. You can either create it or let it create you. Lastly, help others without expecting anything in return. It truly goes a long way.

"Don't aspire to make a living. Aspire to make a difference." - Denzel Washington

Here is my presentation I quickly whipped up :)


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