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How to Reach Out to a Professional on LinkedIn

How do you properly reach out to business professionals on LinkedIn while in college?

Add a personalized message to your connection request

Establishing trust is key to building relationships. Show that you genuinely care about connecting with the other person by adding a quick note.

Find common ground

Identify what you two may have in common (attended the same university, passionate about similar subjects, etc) to build that trust.

Leverage your student title

Informing them that you are a student will increase the likelihood of receiving a message back from the person you reached out to. They understand that you’re just trying to learn how to jumpstart your young professional career.

Show your intentions

Briefly explain why you are reaching out. Is it to set up an informational interview? To grab coffee? Make sure you are clear in your reasoning.

I hope this helps! Remember to be personal and express authenticity when you reach out. A fake relationship can be identified from a mile away. Is there anything I’m missing?

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