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Member of the Month: September 2022

Featuring: Alek Bustamante

Congratulations Alek Bustamante on being ASU’s American Marketing Association Member of the Month! We appreciate your dedication and positive attitude that you bring to our organization. Keep reading to learn more about Alek!


About Alek

Alek was born and raised in Yuma, Arizona 25 minutes from the border in a Hispanic household. He is very family oriented and enjoys to spend time with his friends. He is a sophomore at Arizona State University pursuing a BS degree in Marketing. He said he chose ASU because of its "brand image of spirited, bold, prideful, and innovation". Which aligned with him more than the other two major instate universities. Along with studying marketing Alek is a Marketing assistant for ASU's college of liberal arts as well as a 101 facilitator.


Major/Career Choice

Alek chose to major in Marketing because he loves to build his network, collaborate with people, and event/campaign planning. He believes that he has a personality that is fit for the marketing field. As for career choice. Alek is interested in brand and influencer marketing but says he is very open to trying everything.


Where does Alek see himself in five years

"I see myself on a Marketing team for a company that I’m passionate about in the food & beverage or tech industry, hopefully holding some sort of leadership position."



Alek is a plant dad. He loves taking care of and learning about his plants. Another hobby that he really enjoys is photography. He said, "Photography is an art form, it allows us to express and bring out the beauty in front of us." Alek mentioned that he is slowly getting into hiking. In his spare time, he loves to hang out with his friends.


Favorite AMA Experience

His Favorite experience was the BBQ social that AMA held at the beginning of this semester. Alek liked how he was able to see everyone being themselves outside of the AMA meetings and off campus. Said it was nice to learn each other's personalities and network with each other outside of school.

-Aleks first AMA meeting captured on his BeReal! (photo above)


Best Piece of Advice from Alek

"Get out there and do something by yourself, for yourself. Self discovery starts on the step you take out of your comfort zone. Getting comfortable and leadership is Like a ladder. Allow people to remember your face and actions before they even remember your name."


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