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Senior Spotlight 2021

Featuring: Adrian Lauderdale


Where it Started

Adrian Lauderdale is currently a senior pursuing his degree from Arizona State University in Business Marketing. Adrian was born and raised in Sacramento, California and moved out to Tempe, Arizona upon beginning his college career. During his college search, Adrian aimed to find a university with a large student population, strong college culture, and a reputable business program. When he found out that ASU offered all of this and more, he was sold. Adrian was confident that ASU would prepare him for his future.

How it Happened

Adrian always knew that he wanted to pursue a career in the marketing industry because he believed it was the only industry that truly matched his personality and creative drive. Adrian has always loved storytelling, collaborating with others, and using both his creative and analytical mind to achieve business goals.

Adrian's Recommendations for Maximizing Your Time at ASU

In order to get the best out of your time at ASU, "I would recommend getting involved and utilizing the school resources that are offered as much as you can. Join organizations that interest you, be proactive about meeting new people, and participate in ASU events that you wouldn't normally take part in!"

-for more information regarding joining clubs and organizations at Arizona State University, follow this link :

Adrian's AMA Experience

The most valuable skill that Adrian has gained from being an ongoing member of AMA has been learning the importance of developing and maintaining relationships. If it wasn't for AMA, Adrian says he would not be where he is today. Because of this organization, he has been pushed to invest in his professional development by forming online and offline connections and learning the value in helping others with no expectations to receive anything in return.

-If you are interested in becoming a part of the American Marketing Association (AMA @ ASU), sign up for the newsletter here :

Adrian's Advice to His Younger Self

"One piece of advice that I wish I could give to my younger college self would be to 'live' more. Throughout college, I was so focused on attaining perfect grades that it distracted me from other important things such as having fun with friends, saying yes to outside-of-school opportunities, and things alike. Make the most out of college because it flies by. Grades are important but so is getting out of your comfort zone and going on fun adventures with friends."

Adrian's Post-Grad Plans

Following graduation, Adrian will be making the highly anticipated move to Boston, Massachusetts to start his new job with HubSpot as a Business Development Representative! His ultimate goal is to become a sales director because he loves to lead and help others discover their full potential in their careers.

Good luck with all your future endeavors! Once a Sun Devil, always a Sun Devil! FORKS UP


And finally,

A Message from Your Author:

Thank you Adrian for providing me with the insight necessary to create this senior spotlight. I wish you all the best as you go forward into your career post graduation. I have a feeling this won't be the last time we hear your name!

All the Best, Aisha Kaddi


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