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Senior Spotlight 2021

Featuring: Kaleigh Feuerstein

About Kaleigh

This is Kaleigh Feuerstein. Kaleigh is a senior at Arizona State University earning her degree in Marketing at the W.P. Carey School of Business. She grew up in Chandler, Arizona initially wanting to go out of State for college. Upon discovering her passion for storytelling, creativity and people, she soon realized her place in Business Marketing at ASU and never looked back!

Her Major Choice

Kaleigh grew up an avid performer, learning from a very young age that she loved storytelling. Having the innate ability to captivate an audience and persuade them to believe in something has always been second nature. Marketing, at its simplest form, is storytelling, and it has truly proven to be the perfect blend of creativity, analytics, and working with other people for Kaleigh throughout her college experience.

Kaleigh's Advice to Her Younger Self

"If I could give one piece of advice to my younger college self, it would be that your career path is YOURS and no one else's. I've always had this straight shot vision... a path I expected myself to follow nimbly to reach my goals. But what I didn't account for is that life throws you all sorts of curveballs! Your career path may look different than your friends or family's, it may even look different than what you see in movies or on LinkedIn, and guess what? That's okay!"

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Kaleigh's AMA Experience

The most valuable skill Kaleigh has gained from her time as a member of ASU's American Marketing Association is the power of community. She believes that finding your people, especially at a big school like ASU, allows you to connect, learn, grow, and challenge yourself! AMA's student diversity and involvement has taught Kaleigh so many things that she could have never learned in a classroom. Kaleigh has been involved in AMA (and held various executive positions) for 6 semesters total. She is incredibly proud to say she will be wrapping up her final term as AMA's President, a position she has held for two years!

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Kaleigh's Recommendations for Maximizing Your Time at ASU

"Don't be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone. No revelations or massive life accomplishments happen when you stay in your bubble. The best experiences I had at ASU were when I was nervous, unsure, and a little bit uncomfortable. It may feel scary to go to a club meeting where you don't know anyone, it may feel scary to travel abroad without your family, it may feel scary to take a class in something you struggle in-- but growth happens when you step outside the comfort zone."


Kaleigh's Favorite Memory at ASU

"My favorite experience during my college career would have to be my study abroad trip to Prague, Czech Republic. This was the trip of a lifetime where I met some of my closest friends, enhanced my global business mindset, and learned a lot about myself in the process!"


Kaleigh's Post-Grad Plans

Post grad, Kaleigh hopes to pursue a career at a large corporation with values and visions that match her own. She is currently interviewing at some incredible Fortune 500 companies! Kaleigh would love to work in travel/tourism, as it is something she has always been super passionate about. But she knows that as long as she has the ability to learn, grow, and feel as though her work is actually making an impact, she will have succeeded!

Good luck with all your future endeavors Kaleigh! Once a Sun Devil, always a Sun Devil! FORKS UP

and now,

A Message from Your Author:

Thanks Kaleigh for all the wonderful insight into your time here at ASU. We're always rooting for you, I know you have a bright future ahead of you!

All the best, Aisha Kaddi


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