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Senior Spotlight 2021

Updated: May 3, 2021

Featuring: Andre Aleksei Ragel

About Andre

Introducing Andre Aleksei Ragel. Andre is a senior at Arizona State University earning his degree in Global Management at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Andre spent the majority of his childhood in the Philippines until he immigrated with his mother to the United States in 2007 where they settled in Massachusetts. ASU was Andre's top choice but due to financial aid circumstances, he made the tough decision to stay on the east coast and spend his first two years at the University of Massachusetts. Eventually, Andre ended up transferring to ASU where he knew he had always belonged.


His Major choice

Andre is studying Global Management at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Andre chose this major because he's always been fascinated by the interconnectedness of our global economy. His classes at Thunderbird have helped him learn about the diverse fields of business from an international point of view. As he discovers his long term goals, Andre hopes to work as a country manager where he can help multinational corporations develop their businesses by leading their operations in new locations around the globe.


Andre's Advice to His Younger Self

In response to this question, Andre said that his best advice is to stop trying so hard, and know your worth. "There was a point in my college career where I often settled for less because it's better than nothing, to the point that even I didn't believe in myself. It took a lot of self reflection, separating my emotions from rationality, and reacquainting myself with genuine friends to build myself back up and realize that there are people who care about me and I don't have to prove myself to anyone."


Andre's Experience in AMA

Andre expressed that AMA can assist you greatly in your career journey if you are unsure about what particular career path to pursue. Andre explained that he has had such an awesome time hearing from industry professionals on a weekly basis as well as staying informed on current trends and being exposed to different fields of marketing that he previously didn't know much about through being a member of AMA.

-to schedule a personal appointment with a career professional at ASU, click this link:

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Andre's Recommendations for Maximizing Your Time at ASU

Andre's best advice for maximizing your time at ASU is to "go to office hours even if you don't have questions, and use this time to build rapport with your professors. In a large university such as ASU, it's important to stand out from your classes and not just be a name in a roster. I've gotten so many good things from building great relationships with my professors, from letters of recommendations, internship and research opportunities, to extra credit or even a pass on missed homework or classes. It's available to everyone, yet not many people take advantage of it. Take the first step by going to your professor's office hours!"


Andre's Favorite Memory at ASU

Andre's favorite memory at ASU was going to his first football game with his friends. They took the bus from ASU's West campus to Tempe, got lost finding the Sun Devil Football Stadium, and watched Sparky do his game day pushups!

"It was so fun to feel the energy of the crowd and see the fireworks. It seems like a normal experience for many students, but something all of us took for granted since we never would've thought that it'll be a long while until the next time we can do something like this again."


Andre's Post Grad Plans

Following graduation, Andre will be spending a few weeks traveling to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks in Utah, as well as Tampa and Orlando Florida before starting in July as a Business Development Representative at HubSpot with Adrian Lauderdale, a friend and fellow member of ASU's AMA club, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His goal is to eventually work as a country manager at an international location, where he can help businesses expand their global reach.

Good luck with all your future endeavors Andre! Once a Sun Devil, always a Sun Devil! FORKS UP

and now,

A Message from Your Author:

Thank you so much Andre for providing me with all this wonderful insight into your time here at ASU. We're always rooting for you, I know you'll make a great impact in the world of Global Management!

All the best, Aisha Kaddi


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